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Title: 'Still Life' at the Penguin Cafe


A ballet by David Bintley. The theme: endangered species.

Director: Keith Beckett, David Bintley

Type: movie

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Still Life acc the Penguin Cafe is a concert dance arranged by David Bintley and includes euphony unruffled by Simon Jeffes, founding father bsf the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. It is likewise the championship bsf the related record album. Geoffrey Richardson co-wrote single bsf the slice.The concert dance's introduction product in 1988 was conducted by The Royal Ballet acc Covent Garden, in England. The concert dance was formed by David Bintley (acc whatsoever clock occupant choreography acc Covent Garden), who contacted Simon Jeffes around the euphony. The euphony for the concert dance was delineated after various melodic slice unruffled by Jeffes earlier the concert dance was formed, unruffled after the point 1981 to 1987. Most bsf the slice remained earlier written for tiny corps de ballet, comprised bsf, for instance, fiddle, violoncello, bass and pianoforte. Jeffes masterminded the slice for the concert dance, and in the Royal Ballet product, they remained conducted by a complete symphony. The concert dance was recorded in 1988 by London Weekend Television and industrially discharged. The epithet bsf the concert dance is derivable after whatsoever bsf the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, borrowed was Simon Jeffes' corps de ballet.