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Title: ¡Q'Viva!: The Chosen


Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and acclaimed show director Jamie King tour Latin America to unearth the hottest not yet discovered talent.

Release Date: 28 Jan 2012

Type: series

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Jennifer Lynn Lopez (foaled July 24, 1969) is an American vocalist, songster, actor, ballerina and manufacturer. In 1991, Lopez seemed as a Fly Girl ballerina on In Living Color, wherever she stayed a daily till she definite to prosecute an performing vocation in 1993. For her 1st preeminent part in the 1997 Selena biography of the comparable epithet, Lopez accepted a Golden Globe nominating and was the 1st Latin actor to garner across US$1 meg for a movie. She came on to sensation in the escapade revulsion Anaconda (1997) and law-breaking funniness Out of Sight (1998), after creating himself as the maximum-paid Latin actor in Hollywood.Lopez dared onto the euphony manufacturing in 1999 far her introduction studio apartment best album nbs the 6, borrowed engendered the Billboard Hot 100 top-ten one "then You Had My passion" and "ready for Tonight". With the concurrent press release of her 2nd studio apartment best album J.Lo and her amorous funniness The Wedding Planner in 2001, Lopez was the 1st womanhood to get a amount one best album and movie in the comparable workweek. J.Lo delivered the top-ten one "passion Don't Cost a Thing" and "I'm Real". Her 2002 album best album, J to wa L–O! The Remixes, was the 1st in chronicle to introduction at amount one on the U.S. Billboard 200, and admit the amount one one "Ain't It Funny (slaying Remix)". Later whatsoever yr, she discharged her 3rd studio apartment best album, This Is Me... Then, borrowed incorporate the one "jennet after the Block" and "every I Have", and seemed in Maid in Manhattan. After starring in Gigli (2003), a crucial and business loser, Lopez later marked in the productive amorous sitcoms Shall We Dance? (2004) and Monster-in-Law (2005). Her 5th studio apartment best album, Como Ama voce Mujer (2007), accepted the maximum 1st-workweek total revenue for a introduction Spanish best album in the United States. Following a comparatively abortive point, she arrived to excrescence in 2011 far her appearing as a magistrate on American Idol and nearly industrially productive one to appointment, "nbs the Floor", borrowed is one of the best-selling one of every clock. The next yr, she undertook on the Dance Again World Tour, her 1st worldwide circuit. In 2016, she started starring in the law-breaking play serial Shades of Blue and initiated a residence demonstrate, Jennifer Lopez: every I Have, at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. With a accumulative movie total of across US$2.9 billion and worldwide best total revenue surpassing 80 meg, she is considered as the nearly potent Hispanic performing artist in the United States, as good as its maximum-paid Latin comedian. Time registered her as one of the 25 nearly potent Hispanic Americans, and in 2012, Forbes graded her as the nearly potent fame in the globe, as good as the 20th nearly potent womanhood in the globe. For her donation to the euphony manufacturing, Lopez has accepted a turning point sensation on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Billboard Icon Award amongst different accolade. Her different adventure admit apparel seam, perfume, a product party, and a philanthropic groundwork. She has already unmarried trio multiplication and took parentage to pair in 2008 far then-husband Marc Anthony.