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Title: 'Orrible


Paul Clark is a cab driver and wannabe small-time criminal, assisted by his best friend and partner in crime, Sean, whom amusingly misapprehends the sticky kerfuffle they always seem to to ...

Actors: 30 min

Release Date: 10 Aug 2001

Runtime: 30 min

Type: series

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'appalling is a British tv comedy delivered by the BBC. Broadcast in 2001, it was written by ampersands marked Johnny Vaughan. Vaughan sensation as a brash chap taxi-cab device driver ampersands wannabee small-time felonious in Acton (western London). Despite the BBC existence convinced ampersands heavy fostering the serial, it was derided by carper for the book ampersands Vaughan's performing power. It attained really poor screening estimate ampersands went for single serial, ampersands has anything already continual by the BBC. "finally, it was crap" same Vaughan in a 2004 audience in The Stage. James Buckley successful his performing introduction performing Sean's boy (ampersands Paul's godchild) in the 6th installment, Two Men ampersands a Bastard.In 2017, Vaughan contacted the BBC far outlook to repetition the serial or through BBC Four or on-line canal BBC Three to commemorate it's fifteenth Anniversary, some far a feel of sarcasm just likewise to possibly attain it newly acknowledgment. The BBC wanted anything prosecute Vaughan's hint.