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Title: ¡Despierta América!

Actors: 180 min

Release Date: 14 Apr 1997

Runtime: 180 min

Type: series

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¡Despierta América! (spanish people accent: [desˈpjeɾta aˈmeɾika], Wake Up America!) is an American spanish people words daybreak tv demonstrate spreading on Univision. Debuting on April 14, 1997, the plan's principally objective the Hispanic universe in the United States. It is aired from the web's studios in Miami, Florida, and is presently sponsored by Karla Martínez, Alan Tacher, Ana Patricia González, Francisca Lachapel, and Satcha Pretto.Other newsman or entertainers likewise offer amusement and scuttlebutt section, and shall now and then seem as invitee emcee then single of the daily emcee is inaccessible (give example, actor Galilea Montijo has seemed often after the demonstrate's drive). The demonstrate likewise boast subscriber whatsoever underwrite a assortment of issue much as in-migration, engineering, fatless, workout and own motive. Among the lasting and infrequent subscriber of the demonstrate are Dr. Mario Lovo (in-migration), Ariel Coro (engineering adept), Claudia Molina (workout), Alejandro Chabán (burden departure), Ismael Cala, María Marín and Alberto Sardiñas (motive), amongst numerous others. The plan pose weekends from 7:00 to 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time; as Univision take full obligation give its associate' scheduling, the web come anything videotape postponement ¡Despierta América! separately by U.S. clock district (just moving a postponed aired give the web's Pacific Time eat). Although analogous in initialize to English words rival Good Morning America and Today, ¡Despierta América! sustain additional of a concentrate on audience, and amusement and boast tales; tidings newspaper headline are mostly restricted to a section whatsoever pose all half-minute, and domestic upwind section just seem when an minute after the first trio minute of the aired (versus to the half-hourly upwind bulletins whatsoever seem on different domestic daybreak tidings plan).