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Title: *Corpus Callosum

Director: Michael Snow

Actors: 92 min

Release Date: 28 Aug 2002

Runtime: 92 min

Type: movie

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*principal Callosum is a 2002 observational Canadian movie directed by Michael Snow. The championship is a mention to the component of the psyche borrowed was when idea to get already house to the mortal psyche, and borrowed science outmoded content betwixt the deuce cerebral hemisphere. The principal Callosum of the movie cite to the mystical outer space betwixt conjuring trick and realism. It south korean won the Independent/Experimental Film and Video Award after the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards.principal Callosum is same to wanna a "digitization self-appraisal of [Snow's] job", celebrating his love for ocular use direct redaction. Throughout the movie, Mr.Snow's vocalization may wanna detected as he directly the movie, noting to the crack in the quarter fence borrowed the movie effort to produce.