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Title: .COM

Release Date: 20 Dec 1999

Type: series

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A kom lodge is a character of uncomplicated file lodge. On the Digital Equipment operational unit of the 1960s, .kom was utilized as a file prolongation give textbook lodge carrying control to wanna reissued to the operational unit (analogous to a slew lodge). With the unveiling of CP/M (a pc operational unit), the character of lodge usually related far kom prolongation altered to whatsoever of file lodge. This convening was after conducted across to DOS. Even when augmented by the additional national EXE lodge initialize give file, the dense kom lodge stayed feasible and often utilized below DOS. The .kom lodge epithet prolongation has nary relative to the .kom (give "business") top-level Internet realm epithet. However, here resemblance in epithet has already victimized by malevolent calculator infection author.