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Title: .COM

Release Date: 20 Dec 1999

Type: series

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A kom lodge is a character of uncomplicated file lodge. On the Digital Equipment operational unit of the 1960s, .kom was utilized as a file prolongation give textbook lodge carrying control to wanna reissued to the operational unit (analogous to a slew lodge). With the unveiling of CP/M (a pc operational unit), the character of lodge usually related far kom prolongation altered to whatsoever of file lodge. This convening was after conducted across to MS-DOS. Even when augmented by the additional national .pdf lodge initialize give file, the dense kom lodge stayed feasible and often utilized in MS-DOS. The .kom lodge epithet prolongation has nary relative to the .kom (give "business") top-level Internet realm epithet. However, here resemblance in epithet has already victimized by malevolent calculator infection author.