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Title: A Troll in Central Park


An evil witch banishes a flower loving troll named, Stanley, to New York City where he befriends two young children.

Rating: G

Director: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman

Actors: 76 min

Production Company: Warner Home Video

Release Date: 07 Oct 1994

Runtime: 76 min

Type: movie

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A Troll in Central Park (discharged in many nations as Stanley's Magic Garden) is a 1994 American lively melodic fantasy-comedy movie directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, godhead of Rock-A-Doodle, The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Secret of NIMH and An American Tail. It was discharged by Warner Bros. Pictures below own Warner Bros. Family Entertainment brand on October 7, 1994. The movie reported $71,368 at the North American corner office. The movie boast the vocalization endowment of Dom DeLuise as Stanley, Cloris Leachman as Queen Gnorga, Charles Nelson Reilly as King Llort, Phillip Glasser as Gus, Tawny Sunshine Glover as Rosie, Hayley Mills as Hilary and Jonathan Pryce as Alan. It is the past Don Bluth movie to sensation Dom DeLuise.