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Title: A Face of War


Most powerful Vietnam war doco not available except on Facebook page


Director: Eugene S. Jones

Actors: 72 min

Release Date: 10 May 1968

Runtime: 72 min

Type: movie

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A Face of War is a 1968 docudrama around the Vietnam War The New York Times named it "single of the good Vietnam movie.". The movie was delivered and directed by Eugene S. Jones (1925- ) a Korean War tidings cameraman who colored to renown aboard his pair sister Charles Jones. The Jones sister ab initio collaborated for the Washington Times-Herald earlier shifting to NBC and touring to Korea, wherever they successful the 1st movie after jet plane scrapper in fighting and the just movie of the Inchon landing place. Eugene was employed by NBC Special Projects, seemly a Today Show manufacturer in the last 1940s earlier employed on A Face of War.