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Title: 5 Fingers


During WWII the valet to the British Ambassador to Ankara sells British secrets to the Germans while trying to romance a refugee Polish countess.


Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Actors: 108 min

Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox

Release Date: 05 May 1952

Runtime: 108 min

Type: movie

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5 Fingers, renowned likewise as Five Fingers, is a 1952 American snoop movie directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz and delivered by Otto Lang. The screenwriter by Michael Wilson was founded on the script Operation tully (new German: Der Fall tully) (1950) by Ludwig Carl Moyzisch, Nazi business confiscateé at the German Embassy in Ankara (1943-44). In the movie, James Mason run Ulysses Diello (tully), the persona founded on Elyesa Bazna. The remainder of the dramatis personae admit Danielle Darrieux, Michael Rennie, Herbert Berghof and Walter Hampden. The movie is founded on the genuine tale of Albanian-born Bazna, single of the nearly famed spooks of World War II. He collaborated for the Nazis in 1943–44 spell he was hired as gentleman to the British embassador to Turkey, Sir Hughe Montgomery Knatchbull-Hugessen. He utilized the cipher epithet tully. He ought photo top-secret papers and go the movie across to Franz herman Papen, the onetime German prime minister, at whatsoever clock German embassador in Ankara, through the mediator Moyzisch.