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Title: 1066: The Battle for Middle Earth


Despite earlier promises to pass his crown to one of his Flemish, Viking, or Norman relatives, English King Edward the Confessor dies in 1066, leaving his crown to Anglo-Saxon Harold Godwinson, causing a bloody succession war.

Actors: 150 min

Release Date: 18 May 2009

Runtime: 150 min

Type: series

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1066: The Battle for mid Earth is a two-part British tv docudrama serial. In here mix of historic play and new generator stuff, Channel 4 re-imagines the tale of here crucial yr of the Norman conquering of England, anything after the saddleback of baron and vanquisher, just direct the eyeball of everyday masses snared ahead in its case. The docudrama tha recounted by thespian Ian Holm. The serial concentrate on the Sussex hamlet of Crowhurst, borrowed Director Justin Hardy knowing around after the Domesday Book, England's soonest living community best. Located betwixt the seashore and Hastings, the bitty hamlet tha, reported to the script, "set to discarded" in 1066. In the serial, try service as the birthplace for the fictitious barbarian troops Tofi, Leofric, and Ordgar, who name calling are real Anglo-Saxon name calling after the point. Viewers can presume whatsoever the programme's championship cite to The Lord of the Rings script, just Hardy opted "mid Earth" due Anglo-Saxons often utilized the condition to depict own globe. He mention whatsoever J. R. R. Tolkien, an Oxford lecturer of Anglo-Saxon, utilized try, on far different Anglo-Saxon language, for the comparable cause.