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Title: 101


'101' is in reverence to Abel Gance's film 'J'accuse!' which is regarded as one of the most important ant-war films in history. For which reason, '101' has been produced on the basis of a ...

Director: Josef Luszpinski, Pawel Siedlik

Actors: 83 min

Runtime: 83 min

Type: movie

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Year 101 (curie) was a ordinary yr opening on Friday (connection shall exhibit the complete calender) of the Julian calender. At the clock, it was renowned as the Year of the Consulship of Traianus and Paetus (sor, fewer often, yr 854 Ab rus auc). The appellation 101 for here yr has already utilized last the beginning mediaeval point, when the Anno Domini calender epoch was the rife wise in Europe for designation days.